Tuesday, September 28, 2010

walgreens this week

today at walgreen i bought the following items for approx. $13 and some change.

Transaction #1
2~60 oz bottles of clorox bleach sale price $1.29 (used 2 dollar off coupon found by the clorox wipes at kroger to wipe off your cart) you have to buy the clorox wipes deal for the coupon to work.
make sure the clerk scans that walgreens coupon in the flyer for the sale price on the bleach

2~35 ct. Clorox wipe containers (used 2 25 cents coupons. there is one that is also $1 off that would be better to use if you have it)

2 bags of Brachs mallow pumpkins

Received $3 in register rewards that I used on transaction #2

Transaction #2
2 bags of Halls cough drops (there are coupons for this but i did not have them. you can save even more if you do)

6 boxes of puffs tissues (108 ct.)

the tissues alone would have cost more than the total if I had bought them at regular price.
~type to you soon~

Monday, September 27, 2010

crispy, crunchy, yummy

last monday my favorite, favorite, favorite show premiered for the season. in celebration of the long awaited night i made some yummy treats for mr. dc (and me). mr. dc used to not like my show but now he watches it with me. i don't know if he likes the show or just the treats but either way it's nice to have him next to me. i used the carmel corn recipe that i posted HERE to make the carmel for the apples. then i just melted a few chocolate chips and drizzled the top. below is the carmel corn with a chocolate drizzle as well. so glad fall is here. and carmel apples are here. and carmel corn is here. and you are here. thanks for being here.

~type to you soon~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

bedroom redo

with some laundry

the blue wall is a lovely restoration hardware-pottery barn shade of blue with some green and gray tones. i really like it. it is one of the few blues that i have found that does not look "baby blue" it is babbling brook at lowes.
we moved this glass piece of wall art to this wall because eventually there will be moldings on the wall behind the bed. and that pillow on the bed that near matches the blue wall perfectly was free from an elderly friend.
do you see the other candle holder...the match is in the bathroom
moved all of the pictures, less busy. concise.
we are really enjoying our new room...it is amazing what a can of paint can do...
~type to you soon~

Friday, September 24, 2010

up to

the above pictures are the before. don't you love all the brass and the faux paint in the water closet?
here is the after...the faucets on the sinks still have to be painted...yes you heard me right...painted. rustoleum has this amazing paint out called oiled bronze and it has a trigger spray and man does it look real.

replaced the towel bars with hooks

sprayed and UGLY mirror oiled bronze

mr. dc added this nifty magazine rack... molded into the wall

moved the towel caddy to a more functional space and doubles for tp storagecorner decor
recognize the mason jar...i think that idea was in better homes and gardens

painted that candle holder it was a free find in a garage giveaway. it was a REALLY ugly maple finish. you will see the other one tomorrow in the bedroom reveal.

more brass painted bronze

my man added a transom window above the bedroom door. this is a teaser for tomorrow. hope you like it...i sure do!
~type to you soon~

Friday, September 10, 2010


i have big plans for this little number, i'll show you later
here are the deals of the day
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Thursday, September 9, 2010


french fries are good...very good!
~type to you soon~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

thrifted books

found two american girl books today, brand new, and 50 cents each at a local thrift shop. great savings of $13. they will make a wonderful birthday gift for sweet little friend that loves to read.

~type to you soon~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

$25 for $50 at moe's

the deal is back. go here to purchase the gift certificates. they come in 5 $10 gift certificates. remember kids eat free on tuesday nights and you can use the certificates for the adult meals.
~type to you soon~

Friday, September 3, 2010

a raincoat, purse, and sandals

$4.97 j c penny's (girls department) size 5. it will fit if you wear a 7 or 7.5...trust me
aren't they darling
original price $36.00
$4.97 j c penny's
original price $29
$9.99 land end shop (sears in lexington)
suede hobo bag that is still retailing online for $69.50

$9.99 lands end shop
still retailing online $79.99
original price $119.00
the above items totaled $30.00 plus tax...and they are all new...
no thrifting today...no need at these prices
~type to you soon~


humility is so much more than appearing or sounding humble. it is a heart issue. it is the desire to please the Lord in all you do and say and as a result humbleness is a way of life, not an appearance.

i am reading this book by CJ Mahaney called Humility: True Greatness and i am loving it! it is so convicting. i have so far to go in my heart and with my hearts motives. i would highly recommend the book.

~type to you soon~

i'll be back with some yard sale deals a little later...hopefully

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

recipe box

a couple of weeks ago i started the process of RE-organizing my recipes. note the emphasis on RE! this is something that i have had to do for years.

1. because i have these friends that cook this amazing stuff and i have to have the recipe for these things.
2. because i subscribe to some of the best magazines with these mouth watering recipes with these lovely pictures.
3. because i am how i am. i can't help myself. it has to at least look orderly. i THINK, again note the emphasis on THINK i have finally found a system that works for me. not sayin it will for you, but it might, just sayin.
so here has been the issue for the past 11 years or so, since i actually started caring about food, how it looked, tasted, was prepared, etc. i love, love, love a recipe box and recipe cards. especially ones that have been loved with worn corners and tons of love dripped all over but what was i to do with all of the magazine recipes and the online recipes because i don't like loose sheets floating around in my recipe box.
btw...it used to really bug me that all of my recipe cards did not match. sometimes i would even re-write them if someone gave me one. however along the way i really have learned to love when i get a different card that has different writing than mine. it is special. i am reminded of the person who gave me the recipe and it usually makes me smile while i am making the creation.

unless something goes totally remiss with the creation and then i get a little resentful of the person and their superior culinary abilities. just being honest, trying to work on my pride issues. admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?
so here is a brief overview of how i have combined the mismatched cards, Internet and magazine recipes all into one neat little box.
  • all recipes are grouped by category. i like this method better than alphabetically because then i can just shove the card into the box under a category instead of rooting through each and every card.
  • i fold the magazine and Internet recipes so they will fit on one of the recipe cards. i tape them to the card and then trim the recipe in such a way that i can unfold the recipe without removing it from the card. i also write the recipe name at the top of the card so i do not have to pull it out and look at the article. you can see how i cut the recipes in the above picture. this also makes the recipes sturdier and they seem to last longer. i attach them to the card with a piece of tape.

i am sure that you all are running to your kitchens to get started on organizing your recipe boxes. if you do get around to it soon send me some pictures. also a great rule of thumb for recipe boxes and recipes in general, unless it is a family recipe, if you haven't made it in the last 5 years...you probably won't. pass it on or trash it.

~type to you soon~