Monday, September 27, 2010

crispy, crunchy, yummy

last monday my favorite, favorite, favorite show premiered for the season. in celebration of the long awaited night i made some yummy treats for mr. dc (and me). mr. dc used to not like my show but now he watches it with me. i don't know if he likes the show or just the treats but either way it's nice to have him next to me. i used the carmel corn recipe that i posted HERE to make the carmel for the apples. then i just melted a few chocolate chips and drizzled the top. below is the carmel corn with a chocolate drizzle as well. so glad fall is here. and carmel apples are here. and carmel corn is here. and you are here. thanks for being here.

~type to you soon~


Notyourordinarymrs said...

Great picture of the apple! I had to read to see if it was a professional photo or something actually created by someone I "know."

The Domestic Chick said...

thank you! those apples are super easy and soooooo yummy! you should try it!