Thursday, February 24, 2011

$1 or less kroger deals

Kroger deals

  • Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, FREE
  • Horizon Organic Milk Single, 8 oz., FREE
  • Voskos Greek Yogurt, 5.3 oz., FREE
  • Mentos Gum FREE
  • Starkist Tuna Pouch, 2.6-3 oz., or Can, 5 oz., FREE
  • Land O Lakes Margarine or Spread, 7-16 oz., FREE
  • Colgate Toothpaste FREE
  • Healthy Choice or Marie Callender’s Entree or Steamers or Kid Cuisine $1
  • Dannon Yogurt, 2-6 ct. or 24-32 oz., 88¢
  • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Beverage, 32 oz., $1
  • Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides 50¢
  • Betty Crocker Muffin, 15.2-18.2 oz., Brownie Mix, 16.5-19.1 oz., or Dessert Bar Mix 69¢
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, 17.5 oz., 89¢
  • Campbell’s Chunky Soups or Chowder, 15.25-19 oz., 79¢
  • Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers, 10 ct., 85¢
  • Chex Mix or Golden Graham Bars, 6 ct., 69¢
  • Crunch ‘n Munch, 12 oz., 99¢
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce, 16-26.3 oz., 95¢
  • Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, 8 ct., 69¢
  • El Monterey Tornados, 8.4 oz., 94¢
  • Totino’s Pizza, 9.8-11 oz., or Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 15 ct., 70¢
  • Hefty One Zip Bags Freezer or Storage Bags, 12-22 ct., 19¢
  • Hormel Pepperoni or Salami, 3.5 oz., 50¢
  • Kroger Large Eggs, dozen, 98¢
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

practically perfect planting

taken straight from the pages of country living, this is a great way to grow your seedlings. reuse to help the environment plus those egg shells have so many nutrients for baby plants...just make sure to crumble the shells before you put them in the ground. start saving those egg shells.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

free living the country life subscription

go HERE to read all about it...this looks like a great little when you sign up for the offer another offer for better homes and gardens for $5 a year pops up...what a great deal!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

baby booties

one of my stl besties hosted a shower a few weekends ago and decorated with these little gems. are they not the cutest things and so economical. i really like how she used scalloped scissors to cut the top edge. they are made from styrofoam cups. HERE is how to make them. another blogger out there in blog land hosted a really sweet shower and made them. i just love the subway "baby" art in her post too! i will be making one of those for the next shower i attend. anyone i know want to have a baby so i can make one for you?
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Monday, February 14, 2011

what your husband really wants

you should venture over HERE on this lovely snuggle weather valentine's day and read about what your husband really is good stuff, oh so good!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

gift giving

i really love to wrap and give is on my top list of things that really make me happy(this list a really big:). my usual approach to gift wrapping is a simple grosgrain ribbon tied in a single loop bow with long tails. i love the classic, crisp look with a little touch of charm. bows are good like that!
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

a new tote

vintage ribbon trim from my mother

i saw a similar tote at the orchard we visited in the fall. it was love at first sight and i knew that i would need to make one...i will make more...the ruffles, the flower, the flowy fluff.
the next one is going to be made using some of my little cheek's dresses that she has outgrown.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

strawberry muffins

when your eight year old little boy says "momma, i would like some strawberry muffins." we make strawberry muffins. he rarely asks for anything. he's just that kind of guy(smile).
HERE is the recipe we used...i would highly recommend!
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Monday, February 7, 2011


i'm going to have to iron...because the last time i ironed i was able to wear this...can anyone relate...can i hear an amen...

~type to you after i have minimized the stack that is piled to the ceiling~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

tervis WINNER

True Random Number Generator

Friday, February 4, 2011

lots of laundry rooms

there are all kinds of laundry room re-do's over HERE...go check them out
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findings on love

lately i have been thinking that i might not be expressing love to me children as often as i should. of course they are hugged, snuggled, affirmed, and doted on but i go through each day shuffling them to this place and that and i often find that we are just surviving. i have to make loving my children intentional. loving them in such a way that they know and feel loved. of course all children respond to love and require love in different forms, but my goal for the next few weeks is to share with them some of the unique attributes that make them such lovely creatures. here are their love notes from today. if you want to read more on this topic THIS is a wonderful book. i would highly recommend it.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tervis giveaway

i think today should be a giveaway day...

i bought one of these tervis tumblers while in stl this weekend with a red lid(super cute)

i had one already but one is just not enough because i think that they might be the best cups in the world...and i like to take one with me wherever i go...(that sounds like a line from Winnie the poo)
maybe not but it makes them sound like you should enter this giveaway...
and they are REALLY cool can put HOT or cold beverages in the cups

leave a comment telling me your favorite product( any genre) to enter the giveaway...
tweet the giveaway and you can enter twice
post it on your blog and enter a third time

looking forward to seeing your answers...
the winner can choose the design they would like
giveaway ends Saturday at 10 pm est

there is another really good giveaway over HERE too...beth is a very creative blogger and is worth following on your blog list
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suitcase love

i will be replicating this once i can get back to my antique shopping this spring. i miss my sunday strolls with my antique friend (she's not an antique...she's super chic and crazy fun)...but this little number will serve as an inspiration for some shopping very soon. "super chic and crazy fun friend"...i get first dibs on the suitcase finds:)
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

penzey's...a delicious experience

spent the weekend with my stl besties...thought you might want to "meet" them...they are some of my most favorite people in the whole world.
while i was there we went to penzey's. it is a spice store that i wrote about HERE
let me tell was perfection. it was in a old building in a quaint part of a st. louis suburb. hardwood floors, wood crates, organization, and the smell...oh my! before we went i had prepared mr. dc for the trip. he knew that i had cleaned out the spice cabinet before we left. here is what i purchased while we were there.
just some of the bottom rack in the above picture
i bought these spices in bags, (you will see a picture below) because if you purchased in the bag you got a larger quantity for a cheaper price. i knew i had jars at home that would hold the spices. the store had all kinds of mixed spices, dressing mixes, and rubs.
i reused some of my existing bottles and removed the label from the bag that it came in so i could have the information for the spice
that sandwich sprinkle is straight from above...
these bags show how the spices came packaged
i would love to eventually have the entire spice cabinet be a penzey's spice cabinet
in the store they had all kinds of recipe cards for the taking, highlighting certain spices or blends to use in the recipe.
penzey's also has a catalog that has so many amazing recipes. i highly recommend subscribing HERE. and if you need spices let me tell you, penzey's is the place to buy. i found the company to have extremely reasonable prices and the quality is superior! i would buy the spices in the bag if you are going to have it shipped. and if you live near a penzeys, CHECK HERE, jump in your car and go NOW! what is holding you back. it will make you hApPy:)
one more little tidbit...a dash of penzey's almond extract in your coffee is deliciously decadent...thanks for the tip nanc:)
~type to you soon~