Tuesday, September 28, 2010

walgreens this week

today at walgreen i bought the following items for approx. $13 and some change.

Transaction #1
2~60 oz bottles of clorox bleach sale price $1.29 (used 2 dollar off coupon found by the clorox wipes at kroger to wipe off your cart) you have to buy the clorox wipes deal for the coupon to work.
make sure the clerk scans that walgreens coupon in the flyer for the sale price on the bleach

2~35 ct. Clorox wipe containers (used 2 25 cents coupons. there is one that is also $1 off that would be better to use if you have it)

2 bags of Brachs mallow pumpkins

Received $3 in register rewards that I used on transaction #2

Transaction #2
2 bags of Halls cough drops (there are coupons for this but i did not have them. you can save even more if you do)

6 boxes of puffs tissues (108 ct.)

the tissues alone would have cost more than the total if I had bought them at regular price.
~type to you soon~

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