Wednesday, September 1, 2010

recipe box

a couple of weeks ago i started the process of RE-organizing my recipes. note the emphasis on RE! this is something that i have had to do for years.

1. because i have these friends that cook this amazing stuff and i have to have the recipe for these things.
2. because i subscribe to some of the best magazines with these mouth watering recipes with these lovely pictures.
3. because i am how i am. i can't help myself. it has to at least look orderly. i THINK, again note the emphasis on THINK i have finally found a system that works for me. not sayin it will for you, but it might, just sayin.
so here has been the issue for the past 11 years or so, since i actually started caring about food, how it looked, tasted, was prepared, etc. i love, love, love a recipe box and recipe cards. especially ones that have been loved with worn corners and tons of love dripped all over but what was i to do with all of the magazine recipes and the online recipes because i don't like loose sheets floating around in my recipe box. used to really bug me that all of my recipe cards did not match. sometimes i would even re-write them if someone gave me one. however along the way i really have learned to love when i get a different card that has different writing than mine. it is special. i am reminded of the person who gave me the recipe and it usually makes me smile while i am making the creation.

unless something goes totally remiss with the creation and then i get a little resentful of the person and their superior culinary abilities. just being honest, trying to work on my pride issues. admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?
so here is a brief overview of how i have combined the mismatched cards, Internet and magazine recipes all into one neat little box.
  • all recipes are grouped by category. i like this method better than alphabetically because then i can just shove the card into the box under a category instead of rooting through each and every card.
  • i fold the magazine and Internet recipes so they will fit on one of the recipe cards. i tape them to the card and then trim the recipe in such a way that i can unfold the recipe without removing it from the card. i also write the recipe name at the top of the card so i do not have to pull it out and look at the article. you can see how i cut the recipes in the above picture. this also makes the recipes sturdier and they seem to last longer. i attach them to the card with a piece of tape.

i am sure that you all are running to your kitchens to get started on organizing your recipe boxes. if you do get around to it soon send me some pictures. also a great rule of thumb for recipe boxes and recipes in general, unless it is a family recipe, if you haven't made it in the last 5 probably won't. pass it on or trash it.

~type to you soon~


Sally said...

Cute box!!

My "recipe box" is a binde with about 100 sheet protectors. When I see one in a mag i like or I find one on line I just stick it in the sheet protector. I have dividing tabs to sort them out. It's workout out great and I just toss the ones we don't like or don't ever eat or are too much work.

There's No Place Like Home said...


What a great use for that functional Longaberger Basket! You are the queen of organization. Thanks for the tip on the tearout pages attached to a recipe card! I linked this post to my blog

Keep those ideas coming!