Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wednesday morning pico

i was given a large box to tomatoes so pico seemed like a reasonable option. i boiled the tomatoes to remove the skins. it is a SUPER easy way to get the skins off and requires very little effort.
after the tomatoes boiled for @ 10 minutes the skin started to crack and lift off. that is when you know they are ready to peel.
here are the peeled tomatoes. to speed up the process of cooling them i ran cold water over them and added some ice to the stock pot.
i cut them lengthwise to remove the seeds.
here is the onion and jalapeno puree that i used to mix with the chopped tomatoes. all vegetables for the pico were chopped in the food processor.

here is the final result. 12 jars of pico. that should hold us for a while. if you have a good pico recipe i would love to have it. please feel free to leave it in the comments.
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

how do you have so much energy! WOW! on the salsa! Mine is still boiled waiting for me in the frige... I have to make sure I have enough jars.

Unknown said...

what exactly is pico? Is that different than Salsa? I've NEVER made it before, looks good though!