Thursday, August 26, 2010

thoughts on the toliet

not literally...i was not on the toilet when this thought came to me, on the contrary, i was cleaning a toilet. i decided today that there is nothing that grosses me out more than cleaning a toilet. i know it's my family's fecal matter but it's still fecal matter. i think this might be a chore that is soon taught to the children. after all we all have to contribute around here. i make pico, they clean toilets. sounds like a good trade off to me. what chore is one that you might hand off to the little ones or a big one soon?
~type to you soon~


Christine said...

ohhh that is a husband chore at this house! I will do just about any and everything else but that!

Brenda W. said...

The last of our children will learn the laundry job soon. When our children turn 6 years old, they get the washing machine and dryer lesson, then get a day assigned for them to do their own laundry!!!!