Monday, July 12, 2010

school supply planning

it has been a while since i posted a money saving tip. this week starts the mega sales on school supplies. what i have found in regard to saving money on supplies is patience. if time allows you, don't go to one store on one day and buy everything. you will end up paying too much for your items. the items that are great deals this week are:

scissors 99 cents with a 99 cent ECB (limit one) FREE
pens 99 cents with a 99 cent ECB (limit one) FREE

Crayola Markers(10 pack) 99 cents
Composition books 79 cents
3 subjects notebooks 79 cents
Filler paper 2/$1
8 pocket folders for $1
Flexible ruler 29 cents
Mechanical pencils(10 ct.) 39 cents
Index cards are really cheap too but i don't remember how much in paid

Crayola Crayons 25 cents
Elmers Glue Sticks (2 ct.) 25 cents
Elmers Glue 25 cents
Plastic School box 60 cents

i am not suggesting that you go to all of these stores. just be patient and try to make it to one. walmart does have some of the same deals as walgreens not included in my list above. try to make it to one store and then make it a point to go each week for the next few weeks to check the deals of the week. you will be able to get quite a few free things at CVS. walgreens will rotate through and end up having most of the things that you need cheap during one of the weeks. walmart will have some things dirt cheap and other things pricey so that it all balances out for the store, so watch out. don't over pay, if you use walmart for the cheap items it is GREAT! let me know when you run across some great deals! also another tip...look through last years school items. you may not need to buy all the items. your child's scissors or ruler from last year might still be in great shape.
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Christine said...

I love school supplies! Great buying tips