Tuesday, July 13, 2010

zinnias and the blue beauty

i started zinnia seeds in the early spring this year. i have never successfully had any flowers live that i have started but would you look at these.

when i put them in the ground they were a little smaller than a spaghetti noodle cut in half, very small and did not look like they would make it if i mild wind blew. but they did!!!! they just started really doing well about a week ago so i might need to start them earlier next year if i really want them to be ready when everyone else is planting flowers but i am thrilled at the success.

also on a side note would you look at the blue beauty...finally found a spot that the hydrangea likes and it is thriving. might have to do with the water that i have been using:) found out that hydrangeas really like water. very helpful hint. i am going to plant 2 more in the fall if i can find a good deal on some. i am starting to feel a little confidence considering the plant has survived over a month. if you have not read about my previous struggles with hydrangeas you can HERE.
what have you started from seed that has done really well?
~type to you soon~

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LouAnn said...

I have a very small 3x6 square foot garden and a few things have done well from seed (carrots, beans, radish, lettuce) but some not so well (the watermelon is still only 3" tall). I did plant some dahlia tubers in a pot this year and they are looking amazing!

I have a hydrangea bush that is pretty big and does really well (it has blue and pink flowers) - we put in 2 "twigs" of hydrangea this spring that we picked up super cheap at that christmas tree shop, and has grown quite a bit, the other one isn't so hot and they are only about 3 feet apart! Strange... hopefully next year they will have flowers.
Oh, and we put in 6 asparagus from roots and they are doing great- maybe we can get some to eat next year. Loving this garden stuff - maybe I'll get the hang of it some day!