Saturday, July 10, 2010

gigi's cupcakes

we visited gigi's when we went on a road trip to visit a friend last week. let me just say...oh my. it was a child's fantasy (and an adults too)! my cupcake is the hostess knock off in the top left corner, my zillion times better than a hostess and i love hostess. the orange ones top my list of favorite childhood treats. these cupcakes however were mounded with icing, except mine, it was drenched in chocolate ganache. YUM! i have heard of and seen so many of these little cupcakeries popping up all around. what a fun business. probably would not be too beneficial for the waist line though:) do you have a cupcake shop near you? have a great saturday.
~type to you soon~

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There's No Place Like Home said...


Your cupcakes are toooo beautiful to eat! I love your custom designed packaging!

Here's a little twist on an apron I ran across and thought of you and your wonderful sewing skills!

Hope you enjoy!