Saturday, March 13, 2010

texting google

i am a phone ahead much so, if i am looking for a particular item that i know the store carries i will call instead of going to the store myself. i did not used to be this way but three children in a four year period will change a person! where the calling ahead got me into trouble is i began to use that convenient 411 feature on my cell phone. you know the one that charges you with each use. since a frugal effort is going on around here the two were not meshing to well, especially when the verizon bill arrived. so the sweet mr dc introduced me to google text. if you are out and need an address or a phone number all you have to do is text google at 466453 with the place and the city and state and almost instantly the address and phone number are text back to you. practically perfect in every way i tell you! i just entered google as a contact in my phone and text them almost everyday. efficient and frugal...can't get much better than that!
~type to you soon~

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