Sunday, March 14, 2010

remember your first real bike?

i love the vintage styling of the bike. i saw a Schwinn ladies bike that was a similar yesterday and i knew that was what i would like to find for our little girl. it seemed like everywhere that i went to look for a bike they were all themed. a cartoon character or some kind of girl power innuendo. i just wanted classic. like my red Schwinn when i was little. so after a fairly lengthy search the end result yielded this little gem. she too had a theme but not after we were finished with her. her theme used to be "makin' waves" just what you want a 6 year old to do...right...make waves in their short innocent childhood. had to look beyond the theme though, to the frame...the crux of the piece, and here is the conclusion that i came too. remove the stickers, cover the handlebar cover with a subtle gingham, and put a basket on the front that always makes something classic...a basket and gingham.

what is it about society right now...the cartoons, the characters, the clothes, the bikes, real people for that matter. everyone is promoting the stickers and the signature go to quote for "coolness", like "makin' waves".

i would rather have my basket and gingham. how about you? my first real bike sure didn't make me think about things like this, but my little girls first bike sure does. it's amazing what children do to you, inside and out:). i seem to remember hearing this from my mom numerous times throughout my life. she really does know what she is talking about, at least when i want to agree with her:)
~type to you soon~


Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember not only my first bike, but yours, as well...and now on to the pink Happy Birthday girl!
Thank you for setting a pink and gingham standard and so much more!
I love you!
as always,

Sally said...

I love it! Must have been a lot of work.

I try to not buy kids anything with a theme...though we did get the little mister a "cars" big wheel for his b-day yesterday. And of course all he did was sit on it--NOT PEDAL- and push the buttons on the bike. BOO!