Saturday, January 9, 2010

target coupon site

i have just taken the time to go over and check out targets coupon site. i had used it to shop at target but it now contains manufacturers coupons, and some high value ones at that. this coming up week you can use the GE lightbulb one at CVS on lightbulbs for really cheap. when i printed off the coupons that i selected from the site. some are manufacturers (which can be used at any store, even though they have the target logo on them). they will say manufacturer coupon in the top right corner in the black rectangle. others say target web coupon that can only be used at target(correct me if i am wrong). the current coupons that are manufacturers that i printed are:
Kashi Pizza $1 off
Kleenex Bundle $1 off
Buitoni Pasta and Sauce $1.50 off
Revlon Lip Color $1 off
Revlon Eye Color $1 off
Dixie Paper Products $1 off
GE lighting $1.50 off
PediaSure $1.50 off
Revlon Beauty tool $1.00 off
Quilted Northern $1.00 off
these coupons do not expire until March. i will add the link to the site in coupon corner so it is easy to access. go HERE to see it now.

~type to you soon


LouAnn said...

Oh, good find on that quilted northern one.... it is half off at meijer this week - if it is the same kind, I haven't looked at the coupon yet to see if it's for the same product! That would be awesome (it is $2.19 1/2 off)

LouAnn said...

bummer just looked at it - the QN Q at Target is for a 12-pack - and what is 1/2 off at Meijer is the 6 pack (double size rolls). Oh well! 1/2 off is still good, I am going to stock up on TP. :)