Saturday, January 9, 2010

she works hard on the closet

sung to the tune of "she works hard for her money"
well the christmas tree display is still on the rug in the family room. a winter wonderland of approximatly 7 trees nestled together waiting to be put away until next year. but alas, they could not be put away until room was made in the storage room. a storage room that had seen its better days before the holidays and the gifts and the wrapping and the suitcase shuffle. you get the picture. so today room was made and much was organized and re-organized.
i have to go recover from going through all the baby tubs full of little clothes. today none of our oldest babes clothes smelled like he did as a baby and it was a sad. the other clothes still smell like the younger two, but it is only a matter of time. i don't know that this little heart can stand it.
~type to you soon~

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