Friday, January 8, 2010

brown paper packages tied up with string

working on organizing my wrapping, stationary, ribbon station today. here is how i like to organize this area.
this is my gift wrapping, stationary, ribbon station. it is in the side of the storage closet in the basement. a relatively unusable space in most closets. we installed a shelf for some storage bins to sit on and my wrapping paper bins(Rubbermaid) are sitting below this space on the floor. make sure you mount your shelf high enough that the wrapping paper bins clear the shelf.
this was the egg crate storage holder in our previous refrigerator but works great to store my buttons that i cover with fabric and the kit that goes with it. it would also be great for buttons or beads. think a little outside the box with storage. anything that has little compartments is worth saving for a little while to see if you can use it. green plug: use your egg cartons for storage of little things. they look cute stacked on shelves. i used an old plastic container from q-tips that i bought at the dollar store for my lipsticks the other day in the make-up post.

here is the nifty little get-up that mr. magnificent(my man) made for me for my ribbons. side note(if i was to ask for this to be done over i would use a rod this had a smaller diameter so smaller spool holes would fit on it). i'll bridge that topic at a later date:) if you have a magnificent man that is not handy or just has too much going on a substantial tension rod works just as well. just make sure that the rod is tight in the space. super tight.

the spools that will not fit on the rod or are extra are stored in paper boxes labeled with the type of ribbon in the box. they are on the shelf above the wrapping area. one more tip...if you want the ribbon to easily spin on the rod do not crowd the rod. you could have more spools than i do in the picture but they will not move easily if you cramp them too tightly.

hope this is helpful. keep up the great organizing!
~type to you soon~

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