Tuesday, October 20, 2009

samples and freebies

a couple of weeks ago i saw a post on one of the blogs i follow for moms that have a blog to try some homeopathic supplements and medicine for cold and flu symptoms. i was a little skeptical on the quantity that i would receive so it made me wonder if it was worth my time to fill out the form. i did fill it out and in the mail yesterday was the goods, and oh my goodness, they are full size bottles like i would go to the health food store and purchase. i did not realize that when you sign up for samples they are full sized. maybe this is not normal, but i will definitely make the effort to continue to sign up for samples when i know it is a product that my family will use. there are a lot of freebies and giveaways out there so don't waste your time on things that are not beneficial to you and your family. if there is something you will use, make the effort. i am sure it will help out your budget and it is always fun to get a package in the mail, freebie or not.

btw...the products that i received are from boiron and are for children's cold and flu symptoms. if we have to use them this season i will let you know how we like them. i am sure praying that we do not need them. the nice thing about these products is there is one just for the common cold to help relieve sniffles and such. that is always handy to have around.
what is your experience with samples and freebies?
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LouAnn said...

I have gotten quite a few samples since you taught me the couponing game (thanks again!). Some are real small, doesn't seem worth it, but like you some I receive are really great! When I get in on a bzz campaign those are always fabulous. She speaks is usually really good too.

I just started a blog with deals and thrifty tips - not a lot there yet but I'm planning to share things I get on that too. Feel free to check it out! www.BargainsAndBlessings.com I just posted about a cute thrift bench I'm going to refinish for my daughters room!

Hurrayic said...

Funny, I just showed a photo of the same free samples. I've been wanting to try out these products first without having to purchase. Very pleasantly surprised about them being full-size, too.

shannon said...

my mother in law has taken the oscillo... one and really likes it. she recommeneded i get it for the kids.