Monday, October 19, 2009

paper products

my stockpile on paper products is dwindling so i have been on the lookout the past couple of weeks for toilet paper and paper towels. i am going to buy this week because there are a few deals that are pretty good. at kroger HERE are the deals(bounty and charmin) that i am going to purchase. at walgreens HERE is the deal(quilted northern) that i am going to do.

on a side note...i will tell you that we have adopted using cloth napkins after a friend of mine suggested it and hand towels instead of paper towels as much as possible. because i am such a fanatic about germs i find myself switching out the hand towel in the kitchen about 3 times a day but it really is only one more load of laundry a week with the towels and the cloth napkins. we do use paper towels for cleaning and greasy messes.

what are the paper products that you prioritize?

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