Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vitamin D

( the above picture is the kids supplement that we use)

i am a vitamin and herb kind of girl. we take them at our house on a daily basis. i really try to encourage as much natural healing with our family as possible. we regularly see our chiropractor and we take vitamins. in general i would consider our family very healthy. praise the Lord, we have never had any major illness to deal with and i take absolutely no credit for that blessing. i do know that taking vitamins and herbs aids in the health of families but God is the ultimate physician and controls all things.

i have talked about my husbands great aunt and uncle before. aunt martha was a huge advocate for vitamins and herbs (she lived to be 90). there are many other stories like hers that indicate a healthy life involved healthy eating and taking care of your body by not over using conventional medicine.

do not get me wrong. if anyone in our family requires an antibiotic to heal correctly, we take it, and are thankful that the medicine is available to us.

in an effort to keep myself and you informed of the vitamins that seem to be most beneficial i am going to post about one supplement a week. i am not an expert, only a girl that does alot of research.

vitamin d is a great supplement to take in the fall and winter months when it is cloudier and colder outside. in the spring and summer the sun provides us with larger quantities of vitamin d. it is called the sunshine vitamin and aids in cardiovascular support, immune support, healthy brain function, muscle and bone health, and energy and vitality. i do not take vitamin d in the summer and spring when i am outdoors and getting plenty of natural vitamin d. in the winter i think it keeps us healthier and up and running at a more efficient pace. if you are taking a multivitamin check to see the amount of vitamin d in it. surprisingly some multivitamins do not contain vitamin d. if it has it look at the percentage. you may need to just get a booster that gives you the amount that you need to reach 100% in a day. or eat more yogurt. it has vitamin d, or drink vitamin d milk (just limit your fat content elsewhere).

ps...i give the children a vitamin d supplement too. they make a kids dosage that can be purchased at your healthfood store or on called vitamin d rex.
on another note...vitamin d should not be taken at the same time as a magnesium supplement. it does not hurt you, just decreases the effectiveness of a magnesium supplement if taken at the same time. please also note that you should always follow the dosage that is given on the supplement that you choose to take and make sure that the daily value is somewhere around 100%. some supplements have a very large daily value and are made for temporary use in battling certain diseases. you do not want to take those for everyday use.

let me know if this is helpful information.

more to come on supplements next week.


Sally said...

You are so diciplined...I've never been a vitamin kind of girl--only when I've been pregnant.

I'm glad to hear you are using cloth napkins!

BTW--I LOVe your laundry room. I did a very teensy redesign in mine...hung up some pictures and inspiring words.

Hurrayic said...

This would be helpful. I went to Whole Foods & was astounded by the sheer volume/ companies that make natural vitamins/supplements. I really don't know where to begin. We need to incorporate certain ones more into our routine. Do you know of good chewable/gummy versions for children & teens?

Amy Coomes said...

After having my second baby, I was very low on vitamin D, so the doctor had me taking large doses of it. I still today take vitamin D. Really looking forward to seeing these posts!