Saturday, October 17, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

before you think that i have totally fallen of my rocker...laundry is NOT one of my favorite things. however, it is a necessity that is not going away anytime soon. i decided about a year ago when we took on the laundry room project it was going to be filled with favorite things because i spend so much time in there. i want to show you what my precious husband has done for me. i really married up. here is the reveal. we still have to install the faucet at the sink
but that is on back order.
vintage washboard collection, some from his great aunt and uncle's estate
vintage glass door knobs to hold the ironing board and line dry items

cabinets made by hand with "vintage style" latches and hinges
carrara marble tile counter tops
and storage...lots of storage

look at the lines of the molding at the top of the pantry. i love the dimension.

plenty of storage
do you notice a theme with the storage:)

fun window treatment with ribbons

what projects are you working on? i would love to see them! email me pictures.
~type to you soon~


Unknown said...

The valance is beautiful! Did you make that? I don't have a smidgen of decorating talent, so I love looking at your ideas. Thank you for sharing!

Le said...

yes louann i made it. and if you want to come to one of my sewing classes i will be happy to teach you how:)

Unknown said...

I'd love to get to a class - finding time is what's making me crazy! I joined the Northern KY Community Choir so between that, small group, Morgan's choir and volleyball... yah, I said I would never do this... ;) If you schedule a day time one that would be great, unless I'm substitute teaching days are usually less busy for me!

Teresa said...

Wow, the window is great- love it
Have a great day-

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! I love the idea of using glass door knobs to hold the ironing board. I think I'm gonna have to copy that! Love it! :)

kayellen said...



Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'm purely jealous of your cabinets! I love the style! And your ironing board holder is pure genius with those old knobs. Awesome laundry room!

Anne said...

I love those old washboards! What a great idea for decorating... fun!