Tuesday, January 20, 2009

three tips

i have learned three new things this week with the coupons. first, i think that the best strategy at places like Walgreens and CVS is to use your register reward or ECB's first when checking out before you give the cashier any other coupons. the reason for this is that some of them have dollar values that you have to spend attached to the reward. example, receive $5 off your next $15 purchase. if you wait until the end to use the RR or ECB's your total may not be $15. but at the beginning it most likely will before your other coupons. the other interesting thing is that stores will give you back money with manufacters coupons but will not refund RR or ECB money. so tip #1 use RR and ECB's first. don't even hand the cashier your other coupons before they scan those.

tip #2 watch walgreens this week on the amount of register rewards that you receive for the unilever deal if you are going to participate in it. i purchased 8 items which should have given me a $10 RR. however, when my rewards came out there was only a $2 RR. the reasoning was that with all of the other coupons that i used the dollar amount spent did not merit a $10 RR. when pushed a little about an amount that needed to be spent being NO WHERE in there ad they gave me a paper form to fill out for the $10 RR that i will have to receive by mail.

tip #3 if you forget to use a coupon that you have for an item at kroger, you can take the coupon the next time you go along with your receipt to customer service and they will refund your money for the amount of the coupon. this happened to me last night. the amount of coupons in my kroger pouch was on overflow mode and somehow they pushed their way into my walgreens pouch. the horror! anywho, i took my receipt back today with those suckers that tried to escape me in the walgreens pouch and they refunded my $12.75.

just thought you might want to know:)

~type to you soon~


Jeniqua said...

I love that your coupons actually came to life! (trying to escape)

LouAnn said...

Thanks for that first tip. That happened to me at Meijer last week - I had a $5 off $70 purchase that they rang in last, and he said I didn't spend enough, which at first I thought was good... but now I'm thinking if I give it to them FIRST, then I save that AND then all my coupons. I'm going to try it today - off to shop. :)