Wednesday, January 21, 2009

win this on wednesday

technically the winner will be announced on thurday but you all can knock yourselves out commenting on wednesday. up for grabs is a southern living at home apron personalized with your monogram. to enter this contest tell me one or more of the goals that you would like to accomplish this year. one of my goals this year is to stay well under my budget each month. it is not much money but i should be able to do well especially with the grocery game. another goal, is to get up each morning ready for the day. this will by far be my challenging goal. i usually do not like to talk to anyone before 9 and even then it is more of a mumble than audible words. obviously i need a little work in this department. the third and most important is to spend time talking to God everday. it is so easy for me to get busy and not make time to spend with the one who cares for me most in the world. so type away and tell me your goals. the winner will be decided using a random number selection devise(my husband choosing a number between 1 and the number of comments received).
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

One of the things I'm hoping for is to be more prepared as far as meal planning/preparation. Also I'd like to spend less and give more.
BTW with the coupon stacking: THe best thing to do is ALWAYS use the $5 off of $15 CVS coupon first, then MFCoupons, and LAST ECB. Always wait to hear what the total is before you hand over ECB. That way if your total out of pocket is $1 and you have a $5 ECB you won't waste it since you don't get money back for being under the ECB amt. Does this make sense? You can always go back and get another product to make up the difference or just pay cash.

soccermom said...

I am just starting the grocery game and a few other sites that you have recommended this week and already been successful!! My goals are to 1. learn more about the 'coupon world
2. which will hopefully decrease our monthly budget - hope to have a goal of how much in the next few months
3. by saving this extra money use it wisely within our budget!

There's No Place Like Home said...

My goal for 2009 is to SLOW DOWN and SAVOR this incredible life God has so graciously given me!

Amy Coomes said...

Im with you girls on decreasing that grocery bill and staying under the budget. Another goal of mine, is to get caught up on my scrapbooking and to get some of the books I have started FINISHED!!

sclinken said...

My goal is to decrease my grocery bill by at least 25% each time. I also want to wake up early each morning workout, read my bible and have some time alone before my girls wake up. I seem to be nicer when I get some time before they get up.

v. said...

1. To spend more time in God's word, talking with him & committing His word to memory

2. To spend meaningful time with my kids & training them to grow into Godly men

3. To wisely spend the money God has blessed me with working towards the goal of being debt free

4. To be a better friend & prayer warrior

Unknown said...

One of my goals is to read entirely through the Bible in a year, I've never done this before (in a year). I got the MacArthur Daily Bible and so far so good - I love how its broken down.

Also, to save money on groceries, which is how I met Le, and I'm so glad I did!

carlonce said...

Follow through on good intentions.

D said...

Read entire MacArthur Bible in 2009

Beat body fat record 13.89

Plan weekly meals for family....starting NOW!