Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a kroger affair to remember

whew, last night was a late one. the list was up early and i was so excited about all the coupons i had for this week, i went. let me just start off by saying, my receipt is over 3 feet long. i bought a boat load of stuff. i saved $116.00 using coupons and loading them to my card. i spent $111.11. now that is alot of money for me to spend at this point in the game, but i had so many coupons that combined with sale items that i couldn't resist. b finally said to me last night, ok, next week only buy things that are 50 cents or cheaper and fruit. my response was, i think i did that this week. and i was pretty close. it was a fun night. i filled up the entire kitchen table with bags and still had to put some on the counter top. it's gonna be a fun day of grocery shopping! tell me the reports later:)

btw: if you forget to give some coupons to kroger you can take your receipt back and they will credit you the amount if you purchased the item. just thought that might help.
~type to you soon~


Amy Coomes said...

I have been to Walgreens today and saved $45.00!!!! I'm heading to Kroger tonight and I'll post again after the girls are in bed! I am so excited! I also ran into your friend Tara at Walgreens. She saw my list and asked if I knew you!! Mrs. Hahn, your students are doing their homework!!

Le said...

congratulations. i would hate to hand out demerits the first week i push you out of the nest.

Amy Coomes said...

I FINALLY made it to Kroger today! And I will not go this late in the game again! I missed the cheese coupon and the steamed veggies! I was so disappointed! But, here's how my shopping went this week- Kroger- spent 31, saved 28.50, Walgreens (went twice) -spent 67, saved 70!! Still had to go to WalMart for some things b/c I still see it cheaper there for us when I dont have coupons! But I definately came home with so much more!! Thank you Le for sharing this!! 5 days till Tuesday!!