Monday, June 13, 2011

product #2

here is another product that i just love for kids. i found these at the pottery barn outlet last year before school started. the kanteens that i bought have more designs on the outside of the bottle but the function of these is just great. plus the added bonus of no harmful stuff...

  • bpa free

  • food grade18/8 stainless steel

  • the inside of the bottle is not coated with epoxy

  • flavors do not stay in the material because it is stainless steel...drinks always stay fresh

as i thought about the kids drinking day after day out of whatever bottle i sent to school with them, i decided it was worth the initial investment. if i want the drinks to stay super cold i throw them in the refrigerator the night before. they not only are the drink they are also the "ice pack" to keep the food cold.

~type to you soon~

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