Thursday, June 9, 2011

a favorite product

let me first start off my saying that my opinion on this product has not been bought, coerced, or pushed in a certain direction due to some sort of incentive. this is something that i just really like because i really like it. they are excellent quality, have stood the test of time, are extremely useful, or they are just really cute...the majority of the time the last one does not come into play around these parts. i am going to tell you about one product today (more to come) that i think are a must with little ones.
1. the LLBEAN backpack...oh my word...let me just say they had me at hello after my sweet husband (was just a "friend" at the time) bought me one as a high school graduation gift (16 years ago) uugghh...did i just type that? 16 years!!!!! that makes me want to vomit a little bit...BUT that should really be a true testament to this backpack. i am still using it and it really still looks like new. no worn corners, zippers work great, no problems at all. so i bought the junior version for our little ones when they started preschool. "dub" is going on his 5th year of using his backpack and there is absolutely no sign of wear. "cheeks" is on year 3. g is going on one year but you could equate that to ten years of use and it still looks like new. these things are excellent. dub is going to outgrow his before it wears out and we are not easy on backpacks around here.
moral of the story...quit buying those backpacks you have to replace every year. these are not expensive...maybe $5-$10 more than a walmart backpack but you have to replace those all the time, sometimes mid-year. think of the money i have saved in the case of buying "dub" a backpack that i did not replace every year. this is one of those situations where quality matters.
link to the kid one HERE
link to the adult one HERE
now...go fourth and purchase ll bean backpacks
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