Friday, November 5, 2010

some good finds

photo credit: guerrillahealthwatch
so the more that i venture into this financially aware, environmentally friendly, health conscience way of life, the more information that i learn and wish that i knew earlier.

today after talking with one of my neighbor friends i learned of two new resources and one old one that went to try today. the first is a local cheese and butter distributor that ships to your house and offers incredible products at very reasonable prices. here is the web address. i have heard the butter is absolutely FAB-U-LOUS. i ordered from simply cheese (the above company) today. i am going to try the salted butter, the cracker sampler, and the pepper cheese. i will let you know soon.

this sweet neighbor that told me about simply cheese also shared with me about a local farm that she is going to be a drop point for. on weds. afternoons the farm will deliver fresh eggs, milk, meat products, some seasonal vegetables and fruits might also be available. you can receive a weekly email that will tell you what you can get each week if you are interested. all of this will be delivered to her house and you can pick up right there. if you are interested shoot me and email and i will give you more information. the beef is organic grass fed beef and very reasonable. they will also have lunch meat and hot dogs very soon.

lastly i went to a produce co-op that i have been intending to visit for over a year. i got a large cardboard box full of produce that was really fresh for $16.50. I would have spent well over $50 if i had bought this at the store sale price. i will be happy to email you info on this too if you are local and interested.

here is what i am learning. there are resources, places to eat organic and healthy for cheap. as cheap as i can feed my family using conventional foods from the grocery. the grocery and drug stores are still excellent resources for stockpiling shelf items and household goods but if i can support local organic farmers and feed my family the best stuff available...why not. let me know if you would like these resources or need help finding some local ones where you are.

~type to you soon~

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