Sunday, November 7, 2010


we made these on saturday. my sweet cheeks wanted her some snickerpoodles. just use your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe and shape the cookies using 4 different sized ovals. we rolled the ovals in cinnamon and sugar and flattened them a little when assembling the cookies. they were super easy and are really self explanatory by looking at the pictures. your little ones will love them. here is an online recipe. we made our own dough but i'm sure the refrigerated kind works too.

~type to you soon~


Anonymous said...

Oh these are too cute! My R will certainly love this idea- we just got a poodle a month ago. Her name is Roxie Doodle :)

Carrie said...

Too cute to eat... but I bet they were yummy! :)

Heather said...

Looks just like our little "cupcake" and we will plan to make these soon. Thanks for sharing!