Friday, April 9, 2010

yard sale finds

i am so glad that yard sale season is back. i love a good yard sale. here are the finds for the day.
brand new table cloth. washed and ready to go. i just love the "springyness" of it. $2
this is the bottom of the towel stand pictured below. yes that says $40.00. i really hope that is not what they originally paid. i paid $2. it will be getting a coat of bronze paint.
memo board. new. $2 i am changing out the ribbon on it. i will show you when it is done.

primitive style basket. i just love it. seen these retail for between $18-$22. i paid $3.

i also bought little girl ralph lauren jeans that have tons of life left in them for $1. they look like they would have if i had bought them new and washed them once. unbelievable. i love yard sales more every year! you should try them out if you are not already!
what is your best yard sale find?
~type to you soon~

1 comment:

Sally said...

Glad you got some good deals! We'll have to plan our trip a little better next time. Look at it this way: we could have fought over that little basket--so darn C.U.T.E.!!!