Saturday, April 10, 2010


a friend introduced me to this way of preparing bacon, and i don't think that i will ever go back to the frying pan. i throw it in the oven on a cookie sheet and bake it for about 10 minutes at 350. then i turn on the broiler to crisp up the bacon. we like it crispy around here. if you watch it and don't burn it, it is the best bacon you have ever sunk your teeth into. the mess is so confined too. no bacon grease splatters and the cookie sheets just rinse right off. just thought you might want to know. do you have any easy cooking tricks that you use?

~type to you soon~


shannon said...

hey le,
i like to put foil on my cookie sheet and then put a cookie cooling rack the same size as my baking sheet on top of the pan and the bottom of the bacon will cook nicely too. i'll have to try your temp. method and then broil. i usually just cook it a little higher temp. we like crispy too.

LouAnn said...

We like it crispy also - and do the same as shannon - baking it on a cookie cooling rack so the grease drips off!

Rachel said...

I always bake my bacon! I do it at 500 degrees because I like it crispy, but it always smokes up the house. Good tips!