Monday, April 19, 2010

herb garden up and running

i took advantage of the BOGO herbs at home depot yesterday. some of the herbs that are in the pots are from our garden last year. the thyme, chives, and mint come back every year so i dug them up and put them in the pots. ultimately that is why i have decided to keep the herbs in pots from now on. they also smell heavenly and it is a nice smell to greet when i step out on the deck. there are also certain herbs that interact poorly with certain veggies. on the contrary there are also ones that help veggies too, so i might just plant some of those herbs in the veggie beds as an aid to growth and pest repellent and not necessarily to use. convenience is a big plus as well, when i am cooking i can just step out the kitchen door and grab some herbs.
what are your favorite herbs and why? are you planning on growing some this summer? i would highly recommend it.
~type to you soon~

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soccermom said...

I love basil and cilantro!! Why? They are so good in so many different dishes We will do a herb garden again this year, can't wait!