Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fashion forward or fashion flawed

little cheeks has the odds stacked against her in regard to fashion awareness. i have always been a little fashion challenged or maybe the better term is fashion careless. i like it if it's comfy, makes me look thinner than i really am, or has a lands end tag in the back. really those are the qualifications for fashion in my book. so when i saw this beauty today i asked myself...has she broken the trend of fashion-less-ista's of the family? OR is she blindly following in the footsteps of a domestically aware woman who needs a stylist? either way she is the cutest thing i have ever seen in a pink polka dot crinoline puffed skirt and snow boots.

~type to you soon~


Sally said...

You are both fashionistas in my book!

shannon said...

I love it!! Rock on, N!

Amy said...

I think she looks great!!