Wednesday, March 3, 2010

real face

ok...i know i am late on this and that the rest of the blog world has posted their real face for the world to see two weeks ago. i had full intentions of getting to this post at the time but the five letter word P-R-I-D-E got in the way. so here goes...

this is the sequence of events that lead to the decision of waiting on the post

took this picture with my cell phone. thought that i looked ridiculous smiling at the camera with a towel on my head. so i didn't even look at the camera. period. end of story!
then the silliness of not facing the reality that this is what i stare at each day in the mirror hit me(plus the fact that this is how God made me and He makes no mistakes. much to my dismay in my areas of insecurity.)
so i pulled out the daily regime
again really couldn't make myself look good with the cell phone (even after the regime) so i asked mr. dc to take a picture of me for the blog
exhibit a...obviously not the picture i was looking for.
exhibit you like the rhinestone belt that was from about 6 seasons ago? again not what i was after.
exhibit c...all taken by mr. dc in his order of infatuation. settled on this one as the final shot. the blurriness fades out some of the pore imperfections. just a day in the life of the amazingly blessed domestic chick and a slightly incapable photographer husband:)
~type to you soon~


m said...

UR beautiful inside and out!

Amy Coomes said...

I loved this post! You are beautiful inside and out! :)