Thursday, March 11, 2010

my sous chef

you will find this stool pulled up to the counter in our kitchen many afternoons with a junior sous chef affixed to the top. do you like help in the kitchen? i found this little gem at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $3(the stool not the jr. sous chef). isn't she a beaut!
~type to you soon~


Carrie said...

My sweet, sweet Grandmother had a chair just like this. It was painted a ugly color of yellow and I always thought it was "so old" but man! what I wouldn't give to have it now!! :)

Amy Coomes said...

My Granny also has a red one of these, although another cousin of mine has already but dibs on it!!

Missy said...

I was passing thru and just had to comment on this! My grandma has a white chair like this that has been the chair of honor since I was little. We call it the high chair! The grandkids would argue to sit in the high chair at holiday meals. Now we are adults and the argument is who will get it when she passes. Thanks for the memories!