Wednesday, February 3, 2010


today's real life breakdown...
the laundry room is for laundry. i thought that after the laundry room HERE was redone i would like to do laundry. not so. i like it better now but like is a little too strong of a word for how i feel about it. it is however a necessary task when you are the domestic engineer in a home with 3 children who wear at least 2 outfits a day and a husband that works out, dresses up, gets comfortable, and might work on a project during the course of the day! yes you counted right, 4 outfits for the man. yet i am finding myself re-wearing my clothes at least once. the irony!

so here is my theory. i have this huge infatuation with a laundry room that has no laundry in it, because laundry is clutter. but the thing is that it is a laundry room...for laundry...its intended purpose is laundry. i think that i have been so trained by southern living and country living to desire that clutter free space that when it is not, all is not right. i know that is entirely too anal to be sharing and you all probably think that i am a nut job, but i am just keeping things real. you should know the inner workings of my mind on the topic of laundry.

so i took the thought process a whole step further to our perceptions of not only the perfect laundry room, what about the perfect house, does that make it a home? if the people that abide there are not content, do not care for one another or enjoy each other, does the decor matter?

then take it one step further, the perfect body. if the person that is on the inside of that body is discontent with who they are, they are miserable in their own skin, they are empty inside. does the slender waist, sculpted legs, and perky chest really sum up their parts and happiness in life?

see look what laundry does to me... as my mind drifts off to the idea of an organized, clutterless laundry room. what do you all think? what is your clutterville right now? what are you looking at and relating to a bigger issue?
~type to you soon~
photo credit: country living


Carrie said...

I feel like I am constantly drowning in laundry... and I only have ONE child! Talk about sick! Kim A. says that laundry is a sign of LIFE... kids playing, memories being made... sheds a little different light on the subject, I think! :) Miss you!

Sally said...

I love my house to look lived in--Matt calls it clutter. I remember someone once told me: Right now you want a clean house and your kids drive you nuts. But when your kids are gone your house will be clean and you will miss your kids.

PS--i thought you were going to put a pic or YOUR laundry room.

Le said...

my laundry room redo is in the body of the paragraph...the pink link.