Saturday, January 30, 2010

the post-it princess

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keeping little miss' room organized is always a challenge. kids rooms are by far the worst in regard to organization. what i have found is that everything HAS TO HAVE A PLACE!!! and the kids need to know the place, because the goal is for them to keep the room organized.
she scribbles, creates, colors, fluffs, tucks, trims...the girl is a bundle of creative genius. along with that comes the endless sheets of paper, post-its, receipts, stickers all tucked in their "proper" place. you get the picture. deep cleaning the post-it princess' room cannot happen when she is around, so yesterday while she was at school i seized the morning. here are the results.

re purpose a quilt into a shower curtain

those green shutters have ladybug buttons climbing around the corner

the butterflies were purchased at pier one and they were a rusty brown color. mr. dc helped me paint them before the post-it princess was born.

we use her kitchen to store all kinds of toys that she plays with. everything from my little ponies to her magnetic wooden dolls. i save old baby wipes bins to store all her little toy pieces.

bins are an ideal way to help little ones find a quick place for odds and end toys. not everything will have a place that makes sense. the bins are great for those things.

fluff added by the pip(post-it princess)

this is in the closet. helps with all the papers. i see these things are yard sales all the time. they are great for all areas of the house. especially painted a fun color. i have labeled some of the sections so she knows where to fill certain papers. ex. church, kindergarten, 1st grade, creations, cards, etc.

bought the rack at a thrift shop for 50 cents. a coat of white paint and some pink curling ribbon did wonders.

aside: to her credit, she does wonderful job keeping her room tidy, but at some point some of the papers must go. our recycling man will have an excessive amount of paper next go around. hopefully the post-it princess does not see the bin before he comes:)

~type to you soon~


Amy said...

Hi! I found your blog about 2-3 weeks ago while blog surfing (I stopped because I loved your header--I am mother of 2 little princesses and I am also dedicated to honoring my savior, Jesus!) and I have been stopping back ever since. I just wanted to say that your house is so beautiful and that I am inspired by your creative and beautiful way of organizing. I also love the way you have incorporated scripture. Thanks for sharing - I'm sure I'll be back soon!

The Domestic Chick said...

thank you amy for those sweet words of encouragement. i am so glad that you are enjoying the dc.

Anonymous said...

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