Thursday, January 28, 2010

organizing the meds

i have been very concerned about where we keep our medicine. i had the motrin, kids meds, and any type of super harmful drug up high but our vitamins were just in a kitchen cabinet. now that our children can scale the countertops i decided that it was time to keep them under a little more lock and key (for my own peace of mind, and the fact that our four year old who has no concern with rule following, decided to eat about 1/3 of the whole foods based kids vitamins the other day. thank the Lord they were not toxic when taking to many! so here was the organizing project today. i chose to label the small bins for quick access when dealing with a particular aliment.
btw...the red box is filled with different herbs, vitamins, etc. (not medicine) do not panic your not dealing with a drug addicted blogger on the other end of the screen. we just like our natural supplements:)

~type to you soon~

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