Thursday, January 28, 2010

kroger this week

if you are having a hard time finding the electrosol tabs(20 ct.) that end up being 49 cents this week they have them at the mall road kroger. they also have the quaker quakes that are free and the 2/$4 lightbulbs that you can get for $1 a piece using either the manufacturers coupon for reveal lightbulbs (GE) or the target printable that is a manufacturers with a target logo. just an fyi...

one more tip...if you need a couple items to put you over the top for the mega event goldfish are the way to go...they are only 88 cents a bag. i usually take a bag or two up with me and that way if i am short an item or two and can still save the $5. if i don't need it i just hand it to the cashier and ask her/him to put it back.

also your mento gum coupons are about to expire. they are on sale for 1.29 this week so with the coupon they are 29 cents a piece.

did you spy any great finds?

~type to you soon~

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sclinken said...

If you like Rotel Diced Tomatoes-they are $.49 after the Mega Ten Discount. There was a $35 off coupon in the paper which would give you overage:) I found them at the Hebron Kroger. We usually add some Velvetta Cheese to make a Queso dip:)