Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Still Like Bologna

this little country ditty by allan jackson reminds me of the idea of repurposing timeless pieces into useful, functional items that make life simpler. it is an essential part to organizing that will help you spend much less money in the process.

repurposing by definition is to use or convert for use in another format or product. i used an old soda pop crate to organize my file folders with loose paper work that needed a place. i picked the crate up at an estate sale for 50 cents. always be on the lookout for crates, bins, and functional baskets at estate or yard sales. they can always be given a fresh look with a coat of paint or a fabric liner. plus their character often adds a certain amount of charm to your decor.
recently we also installed some doors between our family room area which is open and tends to be a bit noisy because of the tall ceiling and the children's area of the house. these door were rescued from the trash. they had been removed from 2 local houses in our area and i just could not stand to see them pitched. we had been planning for a long time to purchase doors for this space but with some elbow grease and some time my man was able to repurpose the doors to further add to the functionality of our home to meet our specific needs.
organizing is really an ongoing love affair with the space that you have been so graciously blessed with. it is a balance of everything having a place, to your family functioning on a schedule that works for you and promotes peace within your home.

what have you repurposed lately?


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Your doors are beautiful and a fantastic way of repurposing something!

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