Monday, January 18, 2010

clean up, clean up

everybody, everywhere. clean up, clean up, everybody do your share. our little ones sing this song. i think it is very fitting for organizing products to clean yourself with.

if you have been stockpiling it is really important to keep track of the things that you have so you do not waste money buying if it is not necessary, unless it is free. here are some pictures of the two cabinets that i organize our shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair styling products and razors. i chose to stack like products in a row so i stay aware of the amount of certain products that we have plenty of and those i need to watch for good deals.

~type to you soon~


Jeanette said...

I have been thinking about organized stockpiles for a couple of days, I need to stop thinking and start doing!

Please come sign up for our $50 giveaway. Fun Fun Fun!

Sally said...

Hey Le, just thought I'd let you know the Nester just used your idea of singing while organizing...