Saturday, December 5, 2009

may your days be merry and bright

and may all your christmas' be white.

i love christmas. i know that i have said that before, but really how can you not? if i would remove all of the imposed "issues" of christmas, like purchasing too many gifts that our kids really don't need, keeping the house perfect for unannounced and announced guests, keeping up with the baking schedule, finding the "perfect" gift that is really only perfect in my eyes, and bustling around as if there is not time to sit and read a story, or color a picture, or take the time to share the real meaning of christmas with our kids.

i am really trying this year to make a concerted effort to not overdo, to be content with the things that are out and decorated and let the rest go, i am not making as much by myself this year because i find that when i do i rob my family of precious time that is irreplaceable. so, they are helping me and loving every minute of it.

if i could encourage you today to let 2 or 3 things go this year that normally run through your christmas and turn your merry and bright days into frustrating and dull ones DO IT! don't let a day of this celebration of Christ's birthday be anything but a celebration like no other. let it go...
what could you let go now?

~type to you soon~
photo credit: freechristmaswallpaper

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shannon said...

Hey Le,
Your home looks great. Thanks for the tips. I'm totally with you this year. I've been trying hard to make it specail and meaning for my kids. I've not killed myself getting ALL my decorations out and caving to all the pressures. The kids and I have colored, made crafts and cookies and played candy land. At the end of the day it feels really good.