Wednesday, November 4, 2009

deals-november week 1

couldn't help it...this just makes me laugh. this is the greatest American hero's body. do you remember that show? it used to be one of my favorites. just thought you might need a laugh today. now down to business...

here are links with lists for the local stores and their sales this week. before you go to the stores visit coupon corner on the sidebar of my blog to print and load all of you coupons. read a little more about coupon corner here. you will also want to print off your lists for kroger, cvs, and walgreen's from the link that i am giving you on southern savers. there is a printable list icon at the top of the list. hope these links help make things easier. also if you are new to couponing read this post.

Kroger here
CVS here
Walgreens here
Whole Foods here

hey...if you are new to the blog, leave a comment and let me know other ways i can help or information that i can find and provide for all of you out there. thanks for stopping by! have a great day.

~type to you soon~

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