Saturday, November 7, 2009

boiron children's flu relief

i am thanking the Lord that we have not had to use the samples that i received in the mail a few weeks ago. i highlighted the products that i received HERE. well this week, starting on Sunday the flu relief product, Boirion Children's Oscillococcinum, is on sale at CVS for pennies compared to its normal price. see the information HERE on how to purchase it for very cheap. apparently there is another coupon that can be combined with the manufacturer's coupon in the CVS $100 flu booklet. Ask for it if you can't find it by the pharmacy counter. The coupon is for $2 off a Boiron Homopathic Item. If you buy two of these you will get $10 back in an ECB, use 2 of the coupons from the CVS booklet so that is $4 off and then use 2 of the online printable coupons found on the link that i gave you above and you will pay $16.oo and get $10 back in ECB's. So basically you will pay $6 for something that would normally cost $24.
~type to you soon~

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