Sunday, July 5, 2009

stockpiling this week

this week looks sparse for our needs. i really don't think that i will venture to the grocery store at all. i will need to pick up some meat for dinner but i think i will run to the meat market for that or finally look into the farms that provide the quality grass feed meats. i think that the only thing that i am going to get is the kashi soft bars at target this week for 50 cents a box. what are you prioritizing this week. i also need to find some cheap toilet paper and tissues. i am having a hard time forcing myself to buy toilet paper. i better come to grips with it or we will be in a pile of poo, literally and figuratively :)
~type to you soon~


Unknown said...

Let me know what you find for TP! I haven't bought any since Kroger stopped carrying the Cottonelle - but I HAVE to this week. May just break down and go back to what we got at Sam's until I can find a good alternative with Qs. I haven't looked at the ads yet for this week, we dont' need much anyway. But then we are gone camping/boating for a week, so I need to make sure I have stuff for that.

sclinken said...

I know that Kmart is having their Super Double coupons this week (up to $2). There is a good list on

I haven't really checked it out yet:)

Amy Coomes said...

Im not going either, the only thing I need to grab is some eggs. I usually do the KMart doubles and I don't think Im going to mess with it this time! However, I am hitting up Childrens Place tomorrow, they are having some good sales and Im going to buy the girls some clothes for next summer!

soccermom said...

Amy-thanks for the tip on CP---love that place and I'm pretty sure I even have a coupon for 15% off, yeah!!