Wednesday, July 1, 2009

it is quiet here

everyone in the house is asleep, including my husband who i think is suffering from exhaustion. it is a weird feeling. i was just sitting here thinking that i don't like how quiet it is. don't get me wrong i love the quiet of the night but usually b and i are up talking. this just feels a little to much like i am alone here in this house. i am not a loner. i like to have people around. oh wait, i just heard a noise. one of the kids is shuffling around in their room. still, at this hour. what in the world? false alarm. a toy shifted in the playroom. anyway, i like to have people around. it is just my nature to listen and talk and think and wonder and observe. i do these things without realizing that i am doing them. i am the type that will carry on entire conversations with myself about stain removal ( which sadly was an event today). i have been known to talk to myself in the car because the hum of the road gets on my nerves. even when i want the children to quiet themselves for a few very brief moments in the car there is some sort of noise. why is it when the noise is absent you miss it. but when it is there you think, i would love a moment of peace. there are things that i am still figuring out about myself. things that quite frankly i would have thought the contrary at certain times in my life. i even wonder if they were the opposite a few short years ago. do i change as a age? even something as significant as who i am, innately. what are the things that you are certain will be a constant in your being? what do you anticipate changing or already has?
~type to you soon~
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Unknown said...

"what are the things that you are certain will be a constant in your being?" I pray that my desire to follow the Lord will be a constant! :) And that I would be listening as the Spirit prompts me and obedient to follow.

"what do you anticipate changing or already has?" I've already changed so much in the last 7 years, yet I know that i am continually changing and growing - which I look at as sanctification - if I stopped changing/growing it would be scary... :)

Unknown said...

oh... but me.... i LOVE It to be quiet. MMMMMMMMMMM nothing like it quiet. :)

soccermom said...

Ditto on the quiet!!! It's far and few between at my house so when it happens I savor in the moment (s)!!

v. said...

I think the noise is a sign of life. Sometimes overwhelming but most of the time it is glorious! The kids being around laughing, talking, singing, playing guitar and drums & arguing is like music to my ears! But in the rare treasures of the quietness that fills the room, I can hear my Savior whisper in my ear and I am thankful that my everyday is filled with noise & a delightful silence :)