Wednesday, July 1, 2009

outside nice, inside messy

i have spent the last few days in the garden most of the day. whenever i do things like this where most of my time is consumed in a certain area whether it be inside or out, the rest of the house goes to pot. 10 of the 15 beds in the garden are weeded and looking prestine if i say so myself (thanks d). however, while the children and i were outside the majority of the day someone or thing broke into our home a ransacked the entire place. i am now neck deep in cleaning mode trying to salvage what remains of a once clean and organized home :). of course, the clean and organized part is all relative. back to the job! what are you doing today? am i alone in the struggle to maintain cleanliness both inside and out?
~type to you soon~


Sally said...

HEy Le! I've got a mess inside AND out. the weeds are out of control!!! I will say I regret bad mouthing my sweet garden. It's doing quite well. We've got several red tomatoes already--they were picked a little early by the girls of course and our little Birdy has eaten them like apples. I'll have to post some pics.

LouAnn said...

hahaha I LOVE that cartoon! Too funny! Well.... I spent 2.5 hours at Central Park today with friends and their children. I must say, at first I really didn't want to go because I was thinking about my "never ending" to-do list - and didn't have "TIME" to just sit at the park and do nothing. But after the second call, I decided to just put everything down and go. Well I am so glad I did. The kids all played - and us moms just had a wonderful time of fellowship. I came home refreshed, and yes, my to-do list is still here, but I never would have gotten it done anyway. And my children had a great time. We even brought home 2 "extra" kids with us for a few hours, something else I usually don't do. I am thankful that the Lord is teaching me to let go of my priorities to do things with my kids - before they grow up and move out!

Julie said...

O, how I know the feeling. Just checked out your's now on my favorites!

Amy Coomes said...

Always cleaning here! If the upstairs is clean, the downstairs is a mess. If I'm in the kitchen, then the family room is a mess! Yep, there's always some kind of mess around here!