Sunday, March 29, 2009

walgreens this week 3

do this:
transaction 1
buy 1 naturals chapstick for 1.99 get back 1.99 in register rewards
buy 1 soft soap body wash for 3.99 get back 3.99 coupon for a free body wash
total spent: 6.34
got back 5.98 in register rewards to use on transaction 2

transaction 2
1 soft soap body wash (use free coupon that just printed off from transaction 1)
4 60 oz clorox bleach (use coupon in weekly flyer)
2 clorox wipes free when you use this coupon (print two) they are free because you purchased the bleach for the coupon. once you print once hit the back arrow until you get to the print screen and it will print again for two coupons.
1 reynolds wrap aluminum foil ( use coupon in weekly flyer plus the manufacturers coupon from a few weeks ago) makes it free
3 dawn dish soap (use weekly flyer coupon and manufacturers coupons)
1 bag of halls cough drops (use weekly flyer coupon and manufactures coupon in the paper today)
total out of pocket: $7.12

AND i got another coupon for a free soft soap body wash. yes i am not sure if it is a glitch or what but even when you use the coupon to get the body wash it prints of another for a free body wash. so this means you pay 24 cents to cover the tax. stock up on these this week ladies. stop by everyday and use your coupon that prints out each time you "buy" one. maybe even go through twice.

ps don't forget to get your free esencia shampoo while you are there with your mail in rebate.
~type to you soon~


LouAnn said...

cool - thanks Le! I am going to see my step-daughters in FL later this week and would love to take them some of that body wash! I already have free toothpaste, deoderant and snacks packed for them! :)

soccermom said...

Hi Le- Thank you for this example!! One thing to add as a side note for those of us that are using the Buddies coupons. I have had luck at Kroger and every time I use at least 3 coupons and pay the tax I get another coupon the prints with my receipt if you buy 3 Johnson products save $3!! I don't think I will have to buy soap the rest of the year for the boys!!