Saturday, March 28, 2009

saturday morning cartoons VII

sorry the morning cartoons are in the evening, but i have always been one to shake things up a little bit to keep it interesting.

free shampoo at walgreens. it retails for 7.99 and has a rebate for up to that amount. the brand it e.sen.cia. it is in a brown bottle with a round ball like lid. it is 95 % organic and smells great. the rebate is found around the neck of the bottle so only buy one with the tag. you will need your receipt. you can also try a styling product for an additional $3.99 rebate. you will have to pay a little out of pocket for the styling product but it might be worth it. especially if you like to use natural products. this rebate is included in the one around the neck of the bottle.

~type to you soon~

ps. organizational oasis and needing and giving back tomorrow. have a great saturday night.
thanks shan for the great tip:)

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