Wednesday, February 11, 2009

valentine giveaway

alright all you silent viewers out there. here is another give away to taunt you to comment. i want to hear from you! i am starting to think that i am typing stuff that is of no interest or the number of hits that i am getting is just me wishfully thinking that someone out there wants to comment on one of my posts. although i did get over 100 hits the other day, so i know that you're out there. this weeks giveaway is a monogrammed coffee mug. choose your color, font, and initial or initials. all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me:
(choose one or more from below)

a. your most savings "story" so far

b. how you intend to impact your family with your savings

c. your favorite place to shop (for whatever, not just groceries) OR

this giveaway will end on Friday afternoon at 4:00. so make sure you comment before.

by the way...if anyone does not know how to comment email me at and i will be happy to walk you through it!

~type to you soon~


v. said...

The Domestic Chick has lots of excellent information that I have learned & implemented. I am thankful to have a friend that challenges me to be a better mother, friend, christian & steward. <3 ya!

Carrie said...

The domestic chick is a new blog to me, but already I love it just by it's design. I am anxious and excited to start saving my family money!! I cannot wait to learn from you!!

Sally said...

This is going to sound absolutely LAME, but I LOVE Kroger! About 3 months ago I would have said TJ Maxx or Home Goods, but I'm loving the deals I'm getting at the big K.
I love your blog for the great ideas you have and for inspiring me to be a wise steward with the money the Lord has given my family.

RKG said...

This is a great blog!!! I have never been one to take the time to be thrifty, but after the great advise and tips I have a new passion for the subject! I have now been able to save about $60 dollars each week during the trip to Kroger. Thank you, and my husband thanks you.

Unknown said...

I love the domestic chick! As our family watched the grocery budget continually balloon, we were getting very frustrated. Now, one coupon class and a ton of excellent information later, our grocery bill is cut in half! I actually enjoy grocery shopping now (I feel I've drunk the Kool Aid just typing that). Thank you Domestic Chick for blessing our family in many ways (not just money saving) with your God given gifts.

Amy Coomes said...

ok,ok, I'm guilty! I'm addicted to The Domestic Chick and I check it 4-5 times a day!!! I will post more from here on out!!
My favorite store is Ebay, and Target, and children boutiques, and now Kroger!! I haven't been to WalMart in 2 weeks!!! I never dreamed that would happen to me!

Unknown said...

My best shopping trip so far - last week I ended up with 89% savings at Kroger - and got a lot of groceries! I have Domestic Chick to thank for getting me started with her class, and answering my never-ending questions! Thank you! :)

soccermom said...

I think your website is great!! My favorite store is Kohl's and Snooty Fox- love checking out their $1 sale in the back of the store!! My biggest savings was 61% at Kroger and that was very exciting and I have saved 50% at Walgreens with each visit! We are headed to Gatlinburg and I even searched for coupons for activities!! Thanks Le for sharing your wisdom! Kori