Thursday, February 12, 2009

organization oasis-get rid of it

i learned a few years ago that keeping around many of things that i used to decorate with was really "junking up" my storage cabinets. since then i have really tried to purchase versatile items that can be made to meet a seasonal need for style. here is what i mean. instead of buying a vase that has a valentine theme, instead purchase a simple line glass vase and fill it with cupid mix m&m's. then when easter rolls around instead of having a valentine vase that you can do nothing with you have a simple vase that you can put some lovely brown eggs in. whala. that's how you organize your decorating cabinets, get rid of clutter, and create a lovely atmosphere in your home. try applying this theory to all of the decor items that you purchase from here on out. you will love it!
the picture above is my favorite versatile decorating piece
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LouAnn said...

I am TERRIBLE at decorating! I have those vases you posted a picture of - my mom bought for me a few years ago. They are stored in the basement, with tons of other stuff. I should get them out! :)

Le said...

yes you should. if you do nothing else, fill them with holiday candy each season.

Le said...

sweater bags and group shoes by color in the large sweater bag holes. either that or you could go drastic like i did i few years ago and throw away or donate. if i hadn't worn them in a 3 month period they were sent somewhere. i went through this process during each season. for the kids...i did the same thing. my boys have 3 pairs of shoes: crocs, tennis shoes, and boots. neva has 5 pair in the winter tennis shoes, crocs, brown and black dress shoes, and some sparkly ones. in the summer she has flip flops, crocs, and white sandals. thats it and it works great. just implement it the next season.

soccermom said...

I just read this tip and I found a HUGE plastic bin tonight filled with 'old' picture frames, and other decor that I used before out basement was remodeled over 6 months ago---great tip, thanks!!