Thursday, January 29, 2009

who wants fun feet?

the give away this week are these customized just for you. to enter the contest tell me what you would like to see added to the blog. also tell me you favorite part of you. and i will tell you my favorite part of you in return. have a great day and pass my contest along to your friends. as always more contests coming.

~type to you soon~


m said...

I would love to see your advice on organizing--because you're so good at it and I envy that! Like I told you--my motto this year is "what would Le do" and I honestly catch myself saying that! If I had to say a fav part of me--it would be my compassionate heart! And my brown eyes of course!

Sally said...

I think you should start adding some more do-it-yourself budget friendly ideas since you are so crafty too. Something like ideas for the home, gifts, wardrobe, crafts with the kids, etc. A favorite part of me: seeing the good in others and giving them the benefit of the doubt (not always, but the Lord is working with me on this).

LouAnn said...

These are super cute Le!
I would like a "sticky" on your blog explaining how to stack coupons. I get confused with that sometimes. Like if I have 2 - $1 off 4 printable Q, and I buy 8, then can i also use a $1 off 8 printable Q? or does it have to be a "real Q" from the paper. That type of thing!
And hm, a fave part of me, I guess would be I am very loyal!

There's No Place Like Home said...


Your toes look great!

I would love to see budget friendly items for the home, yard and as gifts that have been repurposed. Something old and seemingly useless made into something fun and useful that works with today's lifestyles and decorating styles! Items by season would be great! My favorite part of me is my ability to see potential in almost everything and everyone!

Amy Coomes said...

I would love to see more organizing ideas and tips, and home decor ideas. Le, I think your house is absolutely beautiful and everything seems perfectly placed! I also like great hostess tips too, always looking for fun and unique ideas there. A fav part of me-my heart and commitment to friends, including my best friend, my husband! I love my friends and love to do things for them!

soccermom said...

Hi Le,
I would love to see tips on how to get started with organizing all the coupons/rebates/etc! It's been a bit overwhelming when you have all these coupons! Also, how to use multiple coupons for the same item- I think I read it's possible but not sure how to do it!
I really enjoy checking out the different posts! Thanks- Kori