Thursday, January 29, 2009

tidy it up

ok so i am sick of looking at my feet every time i read a new comment so i am posting for that reason alone. i am going to try and post a weekly organizational tip, a weekly decorating tip that will include reusing and recycling, and a weekly "thrifty" something. for those of that have commented, i promised to share my favorite things about each of you, here they are....

m: i like you brown eyes too, but more than that i love that i can always count on truth from you. even if you risk offending, you speak it and there is no question where you stand. never change my ouiser, and never doubt that part of you is a blessing! love you

sally: in our short time of learning about one another, i have come to love your passion for the Lord. although we do share many similarities I most want to demonstrate to others the same passion you do about our savior.

louann: i love your questions and your drive and desire to do things the right way. you keep up the diligent work. call me about your stacking questions.

TNPLH: our friendship has grown through our love of decorating and in the same style no less. your precious spirit is evident in everything that you do. you are always willing to make things easy and simplify life for others. i am in hopes to repay you in the same way in the coming years. plus my children love you!

Amy: you are such a gentle person. i can tell by the way your work with the children at church. so kind and gracious. i also admire how much you treasure your husband. it is truly a blessing to love and to be loved in return. how many women without thinking say their husband is their best friend. i love that! you keep him there and life will always be good even when it's tough.

PS...i'll let you know who won in the morning

love you all
~type to you soon~

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